Dear Environmentally-Friendly Entrepreneur,

ICE Promotions and ACE/SIFE BCIT are proud to invite you to the SPRING LIVING FAIR on March 8th of 2008. This event, which will be held at the Heritage Hall on Main Street, presents an ideal opportunity for you to showcase your business to hundreds of eco-friendly Vancouverites.

Why you should participate:

Gain exposure to your target market

Connect face to face with your customers

Encourage eco-friendly behavior in the community

Seize this opportunity to increase profit potential

Reach new geographical markets within Vancouver

Meet and network with other local business owners like yourself

What SIFE BCIT will provide:

Two booth sizes to consider ranging from 8x5-10x5

*Due to popular demand our 6X5 booths have sold out

Booth prices as low as $150

Marketing and promotion for the event

Assistance with booth setup and take-down

Positive and passionate entrepreneurial minded event managers

We know that the addition of your product at the SPRING LIVING FAIR will enhance the success of both your business and the event as a whole.

We would very much like to discuss, in person, your participation at the SPRING LIVING FAIR so we can further address any questions or concerns you might have.

Please email us or contact Julie Medilek (604-626-2558), Kemp Edmonds (604-340-5367), or Paul Shorthouse (604-338-9941) for more information.